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Basic Facts

Career - Retired as Associate Director for Federal Compliance and Oversight, Office of Medicaid Administration, Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation

Education - B.S. from North Texas State University (Denton, TX) in 1975, MAHS from St. Edward's University (Austin, TX) in 1995.

Family - 3 children, 3 grand children, 3 great grand child

Birth - 1940 in Dublin, Georgia

Retired But Still Kicking

Proof - Currently write a column for The Mac Observer, teach basic computer skills, work part time as an editor for an on-line publisher, and serve as president of our local Macintosh Users Group.

Do You Even Care?

Best Award - Mary Moody Foundation Award for Outstanding MAHS Graduate Student - 1995

Most Surprising Accomplishment - 4.0 GPA in Graduate School

Favorite Dessert - Baskin Robbins Vanilla Ice Cream Cake

Favorite Drink - (make that only drink) - Regular Coca- Cola

Best Narrow Escape - Walked away from an airplane crash with nothing more than a few more gray hairs

The Most Frequently Heard Comment as a Child - "No You Aren't!" when told that my sister and I are twins

Best Remembered Pet - My 17 year old cat (Sockie) who died in 2004

Best New Pet - Abby, my 4 year old Tabby

Favorite Past Times - Painting still lifes and teaching Mac skills .

The Most Useless Information That I have Ever Heard - It is possible to lead a cow upstairs, but not downstairs

The best $100 Worth of Advice I Ever Got From a Plumber - To keep your garbage disposal from smelling do the following once a week: Fill the disposal with ice. Turn on the disposal and let in run until the ice is chopped up. Keep it on and turn on the water and let it run full tilt until brown sludge comes out of the disposal and then runs back down the drain. Let water continue to run for a few seconds more and then turn it off. It works great

Really Great Free Advice From Me - The easiest way to get melted candles out of votive candle holders is to set the votive holder in your freezer for 20 or 30 minutes. The remaining candle wax will freeze, thereby srinking. In most cases the wax will just fall out when you turn the votive cup over. You can also tap it carefully on something padded - I use a hot pad - and that may encourage it to fall out.

Political Affiliation - Democratic

What I wish People Would Remember - George Bush is NOT a Texan



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Pat and Nancy at about
Abby at 7 months